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Water is life, without it humans, animals, and plants will die. For thousands of years, Mother Nature has seen to it that we have had a clean, healthy source of water in abundance on our planet. But with time comes change, and with change we have to adapt. Unfortunately as civilizations have grown and populations have increased, our core group of Mother Nature providence: Water, Sunlight, Soil, and Air, have all been compromised.

Prior to the rise of the Industrial Revolution, much of the world sourced their water needed for survival from streams, wells, or natural springs without having to worry too much about the quality of water.

Fast forward to now, and we rely on our municipal services for our water needs. While we are lucky to be able to just turn on the faucet and produce relatively safe water free from dangerous bacteria and disease, our confidence in receiving water worthy of consumption from such government sources falls short in most cases, which has contributed to so the rise of the bottled/delivery water industry, now worth billions of dollars a year.

Your body is roughly 65-70% water, so make sure you’re hydrating with the BEST!

Coming from a holistic nutrition and wellness background, our family struggled to find truly clean remineralized water, knowing that even water straight from the earth can be tainted with chemicals and toxins these days.

We started to research the different ways many types of waters were made and packaged, and became aware of so many important aspects to water that we had been unaware of, and discovered the incredible amount of misinformation out there about water in general. We have tested and tasted MANY different waters over the years, from filtered tap; to spring-sourced; to bottled; to purchased from a water store. They ranged from just “okay” to, in some cases, “not okay” at all!
Much of this water, sometimes referred to as purified water, is also “dead water”, meaning it has little or no positive qualities other than to hydrate, and even then does a really poor job of that.

Feeling frustrated by the unavailability of consistently clean water from any local suppliers, we decided to provide this ourselves, and to open our own water store. Thus our journey began.

We decided (guided by the strict governance of the state of California and County of Orange) that a reverse osmosis system was needed to CLEAN the water supplied to us from the County. The use of an RO (reverse osmosis) system was chosen. It uses pressure (100 psi) to push unclean water through a series of membranes (filters) that more effectively remove unwanted chemicals, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other contaminants. However, this process also unfortunately removes the GOOD minerals originally from Mother Nature.

Many people have caught on to the healthy trend of drinking alkaline or ph water. There are a of opinions on this subject that suggest drinking water ranging anywhere from neutral ph (7) or high ph (9+). There have been numerous studies on both sides of the fence that explore whether or not drinking alkaline water is good for you, and we’ve come to the opinion that drinking water with a natural ph from minerals is the way to go. Studies have been done all over the world and although some of the mineralogy changes, the sweet spot ph is usually somewhere between 7.8 and 8.2.

So what to do once you have very clean, yet “dead”, water and don’t want to add more chemicals? Return to Mother Nature of course!

At The Urban Spring, we produce our own reverse osmosis water through a proprietary multi-step process that includes a customized state-of-the-art filtration system and special UV filters, purifying it until contaminants are no longer detectable…BUT we don’t stop there! We then remineralize our water with tourmaline, a semi-precious gemstone, and bring this restructured water back to an optimal pH level for maximum hydration.

After much testing we found that by following a few basic rules of nature we could create a mineralized naturally occurring ph in water by using a semi precious gemstone. Tourmaline has been regarded for centuries for its many positive aspects, including its mineralisation properties as well as causing negative ions. Our proprietary system infuses the purified water to make it exactly what it should be:

No chemicals, no gimmicks just safe, clean, great-tasting H20.

If you’re ready to upgrade your nutrition and take your overall health to the next level, give them a visit and taste their revolutionary water for yourself, because it ALL starts with hydration and the water you drink – and great water can change EVERYTHING – including your life.

Are There 316 Toxins In Your Water Glass?

Over a three year period, The Environmental Working Group tested our nation’s tap water and detected over 300 different contaminants flowing through our public water supply. This included pesticides, fertilizer chemicals, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hormones, medications, contaminants linked to urban sprawl, and more! And due to the very limited testing data, the full spectrum of unregulated chemicals in drinking water is likely to be much more extensive than this.

Here is just a taste of what may be lurking in your water:

  •      Fluoride
  •      Chlorine
  •      Pesticides/ Herbicides
  •      Hormones
  •      Pharmaceuticals
  •      Lead
  •      Mercury
  •      Bacteria
  •      Phytoestrogens
  •      Aluminum
  •      Nitrates
  •      Arsenic
  •      BPAs  
  •      And so much more!

Preliminary research using tourmaline gemstones on animals and plants is showing that this gemstone has an activating effect on metabolism.
This gemstone has been reported to boost sexual energy in men, as it increases blood flow and supports healthy circulation in the body.
It is also reported to help to ease emotions, and increase vitality in both men and women.
Throughout the ages, shamans and healers from Native America, the Aboriginal Tribes in Australia, Africa, India, and more have utilized tourmaline for everything from cleansing bad vibe; to strengthening the nervous system, blood, and lymphs; to increasing communication abilities; to even kick starting weight loss!
Many believe tourmaline is great for cleansing and balancing chakras.

Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

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