About the Store

Founded by Huntington Beach locals, Mark and Laurel Dickinson, The Urban Spring offers a unique opportunity to experience the purest and most hydrating reverse osmosis water in Orange County, along with an array of the highest quality herbs, supplements, snacks, and skin care products available.

This mom and pop family business came to fruition because Mark and Laurel needed easier access to water. Prior to starting their family, they would drive more than 60 miles for the cleanest drinking water they could find.

Once children came into their lives, it just wasn’t feasible to make that kind of drive very often...

So they set out to exceed even their own expectations and create a local, unique water and wellness oasis offering the safest, most hydrating water possible for their family. Nothing else quite like The Urban Spring exists in Southern California today, and their water is available 24/7, whether the store is open or not, via their outdoor filling station.

The Urban Spring is passionate about providing people with access to the best drinking water possible. While at-home filters do remove some impurities, most do not even come close to removing all the harmful pollutants and contaminants (over 316 in many cities!) present in our public water supply. Next to collecting wild water yourself, from a natural spring that has been tested by a lab as safe from contaminants, which is not always logistically convenient, water from The Urban Spring that has been purified, remineralized, and restructured is the preferred option.

Always on the hunt for only the BEST and supporting many other small and local businesses, at the store you’ll find a variety of rotating and seasonal organic, non-GMO, and raw specialty snacks and beverages; supplements and herbs; organic greens and protein powders; superfoods; raw, botanical, and Paleo chocolates; organic/wildcrafted essential oils; locally made, hand-crafted skin care; and of course meticulously purified and restructured water, remineralized by way of gemstones, their proprietary specialty! Stop by often to check out “what’s new” because they are always evolving. They love being a part of the local community and thoroughly enjoy getting to know each and every person who walks into their store.

In addition to providing extraordinary water and premium quality products, The Urban Spring is also dedicated to facilitating education for the community by offering free health and wellness lectures and workshops, one one one health counseling sessions, as well as guest speakers, visiting practitioners, and group cleanses - empowering people to take control of their own health and thrive with vibrant wellness.

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