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Take a look deep inside The Urban Spring

We also carry the other stuff, just in case.

Boutique wellness experience with local, non-GMO, organic specialty snacks and beverages; supplements; organic greens and protein powders; super foods; locally made, & hand-crafted skin care.

The single most important nutrient.

We produce our own reverse osmosis water, purifying it to the point where contaminants are no longer detectable, but we don't stop there.

A place for educating & enlightening.

Anyone can attend free health and wellness lectures and workshops, and for teaching people how they can take control of their health and master it without confusion or complication.

"Drinking our remineralized alkaline water daily may just make you feel like the superhero you're meant to be!"

Meet the Owners

They believe that a healthy, wealthy and happy life starts with what you put in your body. That goes for water, food, supplements, beverages, protein, you name it, it ALL matters and YOU deserve the BEST!

A place where water and wellness unite in a holistic fashion.


We are more then just a water store

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